Download BabasChess

In order to install BabasChess, download the main setup file for your Windows version and double-click on it. Windows 95/98/Me users: it is recommended you download the setup file into a folder with a "short" pathname, such as "C:\temp". Use the same procedure to install additional components.
The setup files require Windows Installer: if you get an error while installing BabasChess, go to and install the latest version of the Windows Installer.

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

BabasChess v4.0 (the latest version for Windows XP/Vista) [5.4Mb]

Windows 98/2000/Me

BabasChess v4.0 (the latest version for previous Windows versions) [6.6Mb]

Windows 95

BabasChess v3.6 [build 8364] (the latest version for Windows 95) [4.0Mb]

Additional components

BabasChess Graphic Pack v1.1 (contains additional piece sets) [1.7Mb]
BabasChess Sound Pack v1.0 (contains additional sounds)  [1.6Mb]


Download Plugins for BabasChess

A plugin is a software module that extends BabasChess, adding new features. Use the "Plugins" menu in BabasChess to install, uninstall and configure plugins.


This small plugin adds text-to-speech capabilities to BabasChess. If you are not using Windows XP and the plugin does not work, you probably need to install the Microsoft Speech API 5 [6.5Mb]).

BabasChessTalk plugin [24Kb]


A plugin to allow a better interaction with ChannelBot on FICS.

ChannelBot plugin [27Kb]


This plugin adds a new tab to the Info Window, which shows a graph with your ratings. The graph is updated each time you finish a game (you need to play at least two games after installing the plugin to see something in the graph).
Note: BabasChes v3.9 or higher is required.

RatingGraph plugin [44Kb]


A plugin, developed by Bob Croucher, to print PGN games from BabasChess. The source code is available here.

PrintGame plugin [87Kb]


External Tools

This sections contains external software tools that can be useful to BabasChess users.

PGN2BPGN by Pirov of FICS

This simple utility developed by Pirov can be used to convert crazyhouse PGN files saved by BabasChess into BPGN files to be used with programs like BPGNView. Microsoft Excel is required to run the tool.

PGN2BPGN tool [25Kb]


Zip Images of BabasChess

In case you are not able to run Windows Installer setups on your PC (e.g. if you do not have administrative rights), you can download one of the following zip files, unzip it and manually create a link to the main executable in your start menu and/or your desktop.

Zip image of BabasChess v3.6 + Graphic Pack v1.1 + Sound Pack v1.0 [7.0Mb]
Zip image of BabasChess v4.0 for XP/Vista [5.7Mb]


Beta versions 

If you want to see the latest developments and contribute as a beta tester, you can download the latest beta versions here.

No beta version is currently available.

Version history (List of features added and bugs fixed in each version)


BabasChess Plugin SDK

If you are a programmer and want to create plugins for BabasChess, you can download the plugin SDK here. The SDK includes the C++ header file required to create BabasChess plugins and the source code of some plugins.

BabasChess Plugin SDK [32Kb]