Version history

Version 4.0 [build 12274] (January 10th, 2007)

Fixed a board drawing bug that could occur when piece animation was enabled.

Server output processing slightly changed to make the interface behaviour more "smooth" when a large amount of data is received (e.g. with "who v").

Bug fixed: in some cases the explosions in atomic games were not correctly updated.

Bug fixed: the castling rights check boxes (Board Setup Properties dialog) did not work for Fischer Random games examined on the server

Minor bug fixed: the contextual help (Shift+F1) was not working correctly

Bug fixed: the chat or channel window automatic popup (if enabled) could steal the focus to the active input field

The following preference pages have been renamed: General -> Other options, Console and Chat -> Settings - Infow window -> Appearance .

Bug fixed: floating windows could appear when the main window was minimized or in TheBoss! mode

Bug fixed: the crazyhouse/bughouse drop contextual menu was not working correctly

Minor bug fixed: the Info window title could be wrong when loading a layout saved when a different language was used in BabasChess

A few other minor bugs fixed

Version 3.9 beta 2 [build 12113] (July 26th, 2006)

Fixed a bug in the clock display with the time was negative and lower than (minus) one hour

Fixed a bug: the UI commands to draw markers were not working correctly if the echo server variable was off

Fixed a bug: option "Show Friends tab when a new arrival notification is received - Only when not playing" was not correctly loaded from the preferences.

The following commands are now available as UI script commands: ChatWithUser, ViewProfileOfUser,SendMessageToUser.

The Preference wizard (executed the first time BabasChess is started) now enables autoflag at the first logon, unless the user claims to be an "expert FICS users".

In Fischer Random games it is now possible to castle with the mouse by moving the king over the rook.

Fixed a bug: castling with the mouse did not work in wild/0 and wild/1

Fixed a bug in games with multiple examiners: BabasChess did not detect when another examiner exited from bsetup mode.

Bug fixed: two-square king moves in bsetup were incorrectly considered castling moves

Version 3.9 beta [build 12055] (July 5th, 2006)

Fixed a minor bug: the Observers list (Game console) was not working on games created with the copygame server command

Fixed a bug: captured pieces in wild games with a non-standard initial piece set (e.g. 3 knights) were not correctly displayed

Fixed a bug in command history of the Main Console: in some cases the history could lose some commands.

Now the Messages window underlines URL links and the user can click them.

The Connect dialog has been reorganized and a button to open the Server preference page has been added.

Now pieces in inactive board cannot be moved (the user has to enter in Edit mode). A new option in Board preferences ("Allow any piece to be moved in inactive boards") can be selected to enable the old behaviour.

Macro %ch% now uses '!' and '^' aliases if the active tab is shout or c-shout, respectively. This enables a "tell %ch% bla bla" script to work on any active Channel window tab, including shout/c-shout.

Right click on the Info Window tabs now shows a popup menu that lets the user directly open the Preferences on the Info Window Tab page; a similar command has been added to the popup menus of the Chat/Channel window tabs.

The following command is available (only as UI script command): PrefEnableOrDisableMoveAnnounces.

Removed three commands from sought graph/table context menus (partner, match, follow) and added two new ones: seek and unseek.

All the toolbar and menu icons have been redesigned (from 16-colors to true color with semi-transparency).

Fixed a bug in board setup position that could make BabasChess crash when the two kings were at a 2-squares distance and the castling flags were not correctly set.

Fixed a bug in board setup position (local game), which could cause a wrong error message to be displayed in some chess variants.

A crash reporting tool has been added. Now if BabasChess crashes, it attempts to save some useful information in a log file and in a crash dump file and asks the user to send them to the developer by e-mail: this will help to fix bugs. No personal information is saved and, in any case, the user can view the files before accepting to send them.

Now Plugins can add new tabs to the Info Window (A Rating Graph plugin is available).

New BabasChess commands available in scripts: ConsolePrint and PlaySound.

Move announcements (Preferences->Sounds): a folder containinig DGT-compatible move announcement sounds is required (not provided with BabasChess, but it can be freely downloaded from the DGT web site).

Fixed a minor bug in the analysis status message: in some cases the number of nodes was not shown.

New option in Prefs->General: "Flash main window when it is your turn but BabasChess is not the active program".

New option in engine advaced configuration to terminate the engine process after each analysis (useful for some engines).

The following commands are available (only as UI script commands): WindowCloseAllBoards, WindowMaximizeOrRestoreActive, WindowActivateNextBoard, PrefEnableOrDisableSounds.

In the Board Setup Properties dialog it is now possible to change the castling rights.

Fixed two bugs in the Game Properties dialog: the "site" field was not working and the clock increment was not correctly loaded from the PGN file.

Now scripts (sequences of server and/or UI commands) can be associated to specific events (Preferences->Advanced->Scripts).

New option (Preferences->Advanced->Customize) to hide the "Configure/Load" buttons in the customized buttons toolbar.

New option (Preferences->Advanced->Customize) to make the mouse action submenu the main contextual menu with the default contextual menu items in a submenu.

The "mate in ... missed/offered" automatic annotations in the game analysis now report the number of moves instead of the number of half moves.

BabasChess now asks a confirmation for potentially dangerous command links (e.g. "clearmessages *"); there is an option in Preferences->General to disable this behaviour.

When a window layout is saved, now BabasChess asks if customized buttons must be included in the layout: if they are not included, the layout, when loaded, will not change the current customized buttons (but it will still change their layout and visibility state).

UI commands to add/remove circle and arrows in examined games using the mouse (in the Game toolbar and Edit->Examine menu).

Removed the "unexamine" button from the game toolbar (the "edit" button does the same thing in an examined board).

New Paste command (Edit menu): it automatically detects if the data in the clipboard is a FEN string, a whole PGN game or a partial move list and pastes it in the active board.

Now incomplete FEN (without castling rights) are accepted as well.

The captured pieces button in the game toolbar now has a drop-down menu with the same layout options that are in the Game menu.

The 3 layout toolbar buttons (save/load/autolayout) have been replaced by a single button with a drop-down menu: the menu also contains 9 default layouts (default keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+1,..., Ctrl+9).

BabasChess menu commands that show the output in the main console (e.g. Finger opponent) now automatically show the main console if it is not visible. This applies only to UI commands (standard menus), not to scripts. This behaviour may be particularly useful if the main console is in autohide mode.

Fixed a redraw bug: the board was not corretcly repainted when the promotion popup was active.

The promotion popup now remembers its last position.

The History/Stored/Journal tabs of the Profile Window now automatically unexamine the current game if the user asks to examine another game.

Support for new enhanced board squares: all the board squares can now be different and it is possible to specify custom colors: see new square sets Wood, Wood (custom colors), Marble, and Masonry.

Support for new enhanced bitmap pieces: they can have semitransparent antialiased borders to look smoothed at any size, support custom colors and shadow. All the old-style bitmap pieces have been removed from the default installation and the following piece sets have been provided in the new format: WCN, Dyche, CClient and Mono. However the old-style bitmap pieces are still supported if installed in the Data folder.

Board highlights (last move, target/source square, premoves) can now be semitransparent (opacity option in Preferences->Board->Piece movement).

Sought graph circles, board highlight arrows and examine markers are now antialiased (smoothed).

The number of nodes in the Analysis tab is now reported in a more compact format when greater than 1M.

Game analysis (menu Edit) is now performed in background so that it is possible to perform other tasks (e.g. chatting, observing other games, ...) at the same time (except playing: if you start a game, the analysis ends).

Added the Game statistics command (pstat) to the sought graph/table context menu.

Added two new options (General): "Automatically set the primary game when you change the active board window" and "Automatically set open for matches when you seek a new game".

Added Move up/down buttons to the Customize Web Links dialog.

The game finished dialog now is shown only when the board is the active window.

Fixed a bug in "Delete all variations" command.

New option to flip the hand cursor used to move the pieces.

In the Info Window it is now possible to choose which tabs to display and their order (Preferences->Info window->Tabs).

New autosave options added to Preferences->Game save (only rated, aborted, adjourned).

The five promotion buttons in the toolbar have been replaced by a single button with a drop-down menu, which also allows to enable/disable automatic promotion.

User-rules censor auto-reply message now uses xtell instead of tell.

Major update: the user interface (UI) has been redesigned using the Prof-UIS library:

  • The general look of the UI can be configured in the preferences: several options are available to control menu animation, autohide of rarely used menu items, UI element colors and style;
  • Main console, Infow window, Chat window and Channel window now can be indipendently configured as 1) docked window, 2) autohide window, 3) floating window, or 4) MDI child window; they can be docked together when floating and/or placed into tabbed containers;
  • MDI child windows (including boards) can be displayed as normal child document window or as tabbed document windows (option in Window menu);
  • New tab controls are used: Chat and Channel window tabs can now be removed with a 'x' button;
  • The customized buttons toolbar can now be docked to any side of the main window;
  • The menu bar and the main toolbar can now be docked to any side, floating or hidden;
  • The Preferences have a new look and have been reorganized;
  • A full screen mode is available (menu View, default keyboard shortcut is Alt+Return).

Fixed a bug that caused the current position in the movelist to be lost when the clock was changed in an examined game (this typically happened in relayed games).

Fixed a small bug in the year field of the pgn game properties

Fixed a parsing bug that did not make it possible to open a pgn file with a nag at the end of a subvariation.

Layout events now are not executed while there is a modal dialog active, to avoid potential problems: the layout event is executed as soon as the modal dialog is closed.

Fixed a bug that could make BabasChess crash when a seek was removed while the Choose seek ad dialog was open (sought graph).

BabasChess now has an integrated timeseal, which can be enabled in the advanced connection options; the external timeseal is still the default setting.

It is now possible to close the promotion popup and cancel the pawn promotion move.

Less recent changes...