General screenshots

Here you can find some screenshots (whole screen) of BabasChess with different configurations and window layouts.


Playing and chatting (example with black backgrounds)

Playing and chatting (an example with multiple premoves)

Observing a game

Observing four games

Observing many games

Following an on-line lecture

Full-scree board

A sample layout for Bughouse

Another sample layout for Bughouse

The Main Console and its context menu

Console, Chat Window, Channel Window and Friend List

Variations in the move list (two-columns mode)

Variations and comments in the move list


Windows, boards and popups

Some detailed features, including chat special features (emoticons and emotesounds), some sample boards, popup windows and more...



Explosions in atomic games

Some sample boards

Message window

Seek dialog

Game properties dialog

PGN game list window

Challenge popup

Game finished popup



Some of the BabasChess preference pages: you can customize almost everything!

Board preferences

Board preferences (second page)

Console preferences

Sound preferences

Window layout preferences

TheBoss! preferences



BabasChess is extremely customizable. These screenshots show how it can be easily configured to look similar to other popular chess client programs.

Winboard theme

CClient theme

Thief theme


The Info Window

The Info Window offers a comfortable way to check pending offers, find games, players and friends.

Info window: the sought graph

Info window: the sought list

Info window: the pending offers

Info window: the player list

Info window: the game list

Info window: the friend (notify) list


Wizards and other useful windows

Creating complex formulae, managing server variables and user properties is extremely easy with BabasChess!

Formula wizard: step 1

Formula wizard: step 2

Formula wizard: step 3

User profile window

Server variables window