What people say

This is an outstanding interface and I would highly recommend its use.

roughrolf's comment on FICS web site - Wed Jan 3 2007

Thanks for the best chess interface ever O:)

FICS message - Sat Dec 16 2006

Very satisfied with it. Graphics are "eye-friendly" and easy to understand. Good stuff!

OBears's comment on FICS web site - Thu Dec 7 2006

Congratulations to your very nice program BabasChess, the best chess client, almost perfect for all purposes.

Comment received by e-mail - Fri Oct 13 2006

babaschess seems to make everything easy

FICS message - Sat Aug 19 2006

I just can't believe someone can actually have done such a NICE interface. it's just perfect -- thank you VERY much!

FICS message - Fri Aug 18 2006

This is a real swiss army knife of chess clients. For obsessive compulsive types, there are enough options to keep you dizzy for *days*. The upside to this is that the client can be tailored to look and behave exactly the way you like. For those more timid, a lot of the default settings are sensible, but you'll still need to spend some time navigating setup dialogs and such, as well as learn some of the FICS lingo. [...] Bottom line: a fantastic, configurable, if somewhat unpolished client that will allow you to access every single feature that FICS has to offer. I am a rank beginner, and even if I were an expert, I'd probably still be using BabasChess.

MatticusX's comment on FICS web site - Fri Aug 18 2006

Man you are great! thanks for creating BabasChess (Arena and BabasChess rules the chess universe!!) Ti ringrazio con tutto il mio cuore!!

FICS message - Mon Aug 7 2006

BabasChess is a formidable Interface.

medico's comment on FICS web site - Wed Aug 2 2006

I like the Babaschess interface better than Fritz...could I connect to Chessbase server with Babaschess

FICS message - Fri Jul 28 2006

I'm very pleased with the newest release of babaschess. I find it much better than the previous version (3.1) I was using. I just thought I'd show some appreciation by offering a "thank you", so thank you for it. :)

Comment received by e-mail - Mon Jul 24 2006

First, I'd like to say how excellent Babaschess is. The chess community has needed a quality client to connect to freechess.org for some time now, and this is by far and above the best.

Comment received by e-mail - Fri Jul 21 2006

no other interfaces compare, including for other chess servers, I have seen them all

FICS message - Thu Jul 6 2006

great interface has everything i was looking for and a few things i did'nt know i wanted as well...

aththemaniac's comment on FICS web site - Tue Jun 20 2006

Excelent. You can play, you can study, pgn files are cool to learn from your own mistakes.

pmsd's comment on FICS web site - Thu Jun 15 2006

This is a great interface full featured and there are many knowledgeable users for it.

RHankinsJr's comment on FICS web site - Mon May 22 2006

Great interface! I've tried almost every interface they have here to download and I've stuck with babaschess. Completely customizable. No need to enter commands. Most of them are a mouse click away.

jecruz's comment on FICS web site - Wed May 17 2006

Great interface, even better than commercial ones.

Neca's comment on FICS web site - Thu Mar 30 2006

I would like to thank you and express how much I like the Babaschess interface. The Games Tab is just great for finding high rated players' games to Observe....It beats watching the boob tube. I just love it!

FICS message - Thu Mar 16 2006

love your interface! it's perfect for admin stuff (tracking 7 different conversations, plus channel 0, etc)

FICS message - Sun Mar 5 2006

BabasChess is great. When I comparated it to WinBoard I thought: "Just like MS-DOS(Winboard) and Windows(BabasChess)".

tavena's comment on FICS web site - Sat Feb 18 2006

I think is the best interface: clear, nice and with many options

juaki's comment on FICS web site - Mon Feb 13 2006

I just downloaded your wonderful interface and played a Chess game on it. It looks a lot like the USCF live interface which I really like. I like the fact that I can play on Freechess.org and not have to remember all those commands to be able to play games.

Comment received by e-mail - Mon Feb 13 2006

complete and pretty perfect !

zboub's comment on FICS web site - Fri Feb 3 2006

Hello, just wanted to tell you that I LOVE Babaschess. The annotate feature is out of this world! Thanks for developing this!

FICS message - Thu Feb 2 2006

the best program for FICS!

Moosey's comment on FICS web site - Tue Jan 31 2006

Good chess client. Not much more to say. Makes using FICS easy.

Drowzee's comment on FICS web site - Sun Jan 29 2006

Just downloaded Babaschess and love it!

FICS message - Tue Jan 3 2006

BabasChess is good for introducing poeople to internet chess because iut's intuitive and easy to us

FICS message - Tue Dec 20 2005

babaschess makes life so easy

FICS message - Mon Dec 19 2005

Awesome, I dont know how WINBOARD could possibly compare to this. Download this right away!

Artemas's comment on FICS web site - Mon Dec 5 2005

If I had to describe it in one word it would have to be - customization!! If you like it 'your way' :) this interface is perfect for you. You can change/customize just about everything. For me most important features are: customizable buttons, multiple boards, automatic layouts (depending what you do - chat, play, observe) predifined layouts will be loaded, good setup mode (if you do it only using fics options it takes a lot of time), chat windows, nice pieces, sounds, login scripts [...]. In previous versions of Babas it was impossible to define function keys but now you can assign any command (or commands!!) you like to them- so interface is complete!! Over all- GREAT INTERFACE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

FICS message - Thu Nov 3 2005

I love Babaschess! its great! it totally changed the way the server runs! congrats

Comment received by e-mail - Fri Oct 21 2005

You can customize every single thing with BabasChess!, The best Interface ive ever seen

NegativeNirvana's comment on FICS web site - Wed Sep 21 2005

BabasChess is the best interface I've come across. I was a long time Winboard/Xboard supporter, but in fact the winboard appearance can easily be configured with Babaschess with many more options available. RRaf, the developper, is very nice and kindly replies to all emails on babaschess

guelar's comment on FICS web site - Thu Sep 15 2005

So, let's say BabasChess is "THE UNIQUE" chess client. The 3.0 version is simply espectacular. A great work. Congratulations (and thanks for the Spanish translation).

Comment received by e-mail - Wed Jul 27 2005

Babaschess provides you all you need to use FICS... At the end, you can forget it and do what you came for: play chess!

masterdude's comment on FICS web site - Mon Jul 11 2005

This program makes me really feel happy; it is the best program ever.

Lantlig's comment on FICS web site - Tue Jun 7 2005

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!!!!! Your programs has actually shocked me!!! It is absolutely amazing, ... no suggestions by now :)

Comment received by e-mail - Tue Jun 7 2005

I tried BabasChess 3.0. It is easy to use but poweful! It has nice themes, and all the things you might need. An excellent FICS client for Windows

riqhi's comment on FICS web site - Sun May 1 2005

I love it!!! Awesome interface... definitely the best one for FICS out there. It has all the features that you will ever need, even all the little bells and whistles. It has many customizable features, among them are premove and smartmove. You can also make your own layouts and save them for different purposes, like one for regular and one for bug. What else can I say? It's just the best of the best. So why delay? Download today! You won't regret it.

JWaceking's comment on FICS web site - Sun Apr 17 2005

Hello, I'm playing chess on the net since about 10 years (just after beginning of FICS) and have experienced many systems (almost every known kind of internet chess play). Until recently, nothing was as powerful as the ICS, and their excellent modified telnet protocol. However, for about 1-2 years, I mainly play on PlayChess ; reasons are: 1- nice interface, anyway nicer than prehistoric blitzin or even X-Win-Board, 2- better, nicer chessboard, 3- premoves. I just discover BabasChess a few days ago and... congratulations! In summary, it combines the best between ICC and PlayChess. I really hope your interface will make FICS to grow its popularity again.

Comment received by e-mail - Fri Apr 8 2005

The nicest, and most customizeable interface I've yet used for FICS. I have used at least a few Windows, and Linux clients to connect, and this is my favorite so far. Definately near what Blitzln is for ICC in functionality, and nicer looking(customizable).

JazzyRick's comment on FICS web site - Fri Apr 1 2005

GREAT interface - the best I've seen.

Comment received by e-mail - Tue Feb 22 2005

Brilliant - better than ICCs Blitzin!!

happypaddock's comment on FICS web site - Sat Jan 29 2005

Just wanted to tell you that Babas Chess 2.6 is an excellent FICS client. Thanks for your work on this.

Comment received by e-mail - Tue Jan 18 2005

Babas and FICS are an excellent combination that nearly refutes the adage that you get what you pay for. They are free, but would still be a bargain at a price only slightly lower than Fritz and playchess. The options and features of BabasChess for playing at FICS are stunning. I was able to create the board I wanted with the pieces I like; I can maximize the board during a game, or I can multitask--playing while changing the world through the chat rooms. I don't need to close Babas to open an engine to analyze a completed game; only a few mouse clicks are necessary to avoid seeing challenges that are of no interest; among the many useful features, Babas even has a "the Boss" button that minimizes the program with a disguised icon in the tray, and requests an adjounment of the game in progress.

Wulebgr's comment on FICS web site - Sun Jan 16 2005

BabasChess is a great interface! Very customizable, with a fine design and very stable. Good job! :)

Comment received by e-mail - Sat Nov 20 2004

I just wanted to tell you Babaschess is the greatest interface i have ever used, ! i would PAY to use this interface, thankyou so much for allyour hard work :)

Comment received by e-mail - Sun Nov 7 2004

What a marvellous thing babas is. As a confirmed thief user I was reluctant to switch, but I'm very pleased I have. Thank you very much.

Comment received by e-mail - Thu Oct 28 2004

In my opinion this is the new standard for all internet chess interfaces. The look and ease of use coupled with the ability to customize to a nearly infinite level makes this the best interface to date.

reformed's comment on FICS web site - Sat Aug 21 2004

The most versatile, the most intuitive, the most complete fics interface.

stamburro's comment on FICS web site - Sat May 1 2004

Very good, feature rich. RRaf is very responsive. I asked Him some question about BabasChess and I have never been left without answer. Go for it. You can customize it to Your needs. Read the help and look for the prefs, before You start to play with it. You will save Yourself and RRaf some time and nervs.

whp's comment on FICS web site - Mon Apr 19 2004

This interface is now THE BEST interface on the internet. I have tried them all. (Blitzin, Thief, Winboard, Arena, Inemisis, Jin, Freak, Fixation, Cclient, Slics, playchess.com and even more.) And the best thing Babaschess is still under development.

darkshadow's comment on FICS web site - Sat Apr 17 2004

A truly great interface written in C++ and very well supported by RRaf. The features are all encompassing, and yet simple to use and implement. I was a die-hard Thief 1.1 user until I explored Babas v1.7, now with v1.93 this has become, to my mind, the most powerful Client available. Chat management is unsurpassed and even puts some IRC Clients to shame. PGN and Console autosave features are great, the rudimentary PGN reader is wonderful. All of this improves on a monthly basis as RRaf is constantly listening to his users, winnowing the chaff, and implementing those suggestions that have merit. FICS just wouldn't be the same without BabasChess.

Nitwitzovich's comment on FICS web site - Fri Apr 16 2004

BabasChess is spectacular! almost never have to use server commands again! buttons for everything, super-customizable, lots of piece sets and boards...smart layouts, intuitive interface...very user-friendly.. plus, it gets updated all the time by RRaf! great interface..best of the best

chronsmoke's comment on FICS web site - Fri Apr 16 2004

Very intuitive and easy to use. Allows me to concetrate on the game rather than trying to figure out how to use the software. Board and piece graphics are excelllent.

AnimalHouse's comment on FICS web site - Sat Feb 14 2004